He will do an action film like Killbill

Sai Pallavi, who recently impressed in the role of Vennela in the film ‘Virataparvam’, is coming to the audience with another film that has the potential to act. She is playing the role of a teacher in the movie ‘Gargi’. This movie is directed by Gautham Ramachandran. This movie is being released in Telugu by Suresh Productions and in Tamil by Surya 2D Entertainments on 15th of this month. On this occasion, Sai Pallavi revealed the features of the film in a recent interview.

What aspects of ‘Gargi’ do you like in different films?

Whenever I hear a story, I think of something new to act in it. I want my character to be different. While listening to this script, the story felt close to our lives. I understand what we are going to tell the audience through tomorrow’s film. It is an attempt like ‘Vakeel Saab’ in Telugu and ‘Jai Bheem’ in Tamil. Sometimes actors have to think bigger and make films not for themselves. I tried my best with this film.

Can you imagine the courtroom drama?

My character goes to court to resolve a problem. A lawyer character travels with me. But the whole movie is not a courtroom drama. There are other characters and elements. This story is based on some real events. We have heard in Puranas that Savitri fought for her husband. In this movie, the daughter fights for her father. The movie is about the situations faced in that sequence.

What kind of emotions did you experience in the role of a teacher?

Whether we like it or not, we do jobs. Gargi is the same. He is a teacher. If you take a camera and go into the classroom, you will see the teacher and the students. She is not strict and does not have fun with the students. As a child I used to attend school to learn dance. We know how their emotions are while playing the role of this teacher.

Did you think Aishwarya Lakshmi before you in this movie?

Yes. Aishwarya Lakshmi also acted as the producer of this movie. She did a small character in this film. This is the movie she should act in. came to me So I also put another heroine for some films. There were times when I said she was better suited to this story than I was.

Are you referring to discrimination against girls?

Naturally, the freedom given to a boy is not given to a girl. They ask me to marry them in my house. If it is a boy, he will get married so soon. Such are the same in this movie. Not an informative movie. Thought provoking while entertaining.

Your reaction to Surya and Rana acting as production partners..?

After the completion of the film, we showed this film to Udayanidhi Stalin along with Surya and Jyothika. He offered to act as a presenter for this movie. Jyothika also said my name. Also, when I called Rana and asked him, he said that the film you are acting in will definitely be new and I will release it. Both of them think like that for a good movie. Udayanidhi Stalin promised to release it well.

Do you feel like you don’t do commercial films?

If the films like Virataparvam, Love Story, Gargi and Shyam Singharai are accepted in a row, the release is delayed due to Covid and ‘Love Story’, ‘Shyam Singharai’ are released once, ‘Virataparvam’ and ‘Gargi’ are released one after the other. That may sound like you. If the character is not good in commercial movies then why do such things you say. I also want to act in fun films. Likes to act in action films like Kill Bill.

Did the result of ‘Virataparvam’ hurt?

Everyone who saw that movie appreciated that I acted well and made a good movie. That’s where we got the win. What I want in a film is the satisfaction I get as an actress. It is natural that sometimes unexpected results come at the box office.

Have your comments recently been controversial?

They took a part of what I said and spread it. I don’t mean to offend anyone.

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