He was found red handed

Nora Fatehi’s name comes to mind when it comes to special songs in Bollywood. This Canadian beauty has featured in many super hit songs in recent times. Recently, the songs Kusu Kusu in ‘Satyameva Jayate’ and Manike’s songs in ‘Thank God’ brought her popularity. While acting as a heroine in movies, Tara also sings special songs. Nora, who acted in many love stories, told her love story. She revealed in a recent interview that she was cheated in love. She said…’There may be times in life when we think this will not happen to us. We don’t even know how to react then. Although many hopes were placed on him. One day he was found red-handed. I was depressed for a few days.

I could not even focus on my career. But after breaking up with him, there was an unknown excitement. Build a better career than before. Many women may face the same situation as me. But we should achieve life without getting depressed’ she said. Currently, Nora is acting as a heroine in the films ‘On Action Hero’ and ‘Hundred Percent’.

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