He is a big producer in Tollywood who is controlling the traffic by getting out of the car.. Do you remember anyone?

Not to mention the traffic problem in our Hyderabad which shelters crores of people. Even though the roads are being widened, the traffic rules are not being enforced properly. Especially in the mornings and evenings, once you get on the roads with a vehicle, that’s all.. It takes a few hours to reach home. In this background, popular producer Daggubati Suresh Babu got out of the car and controlled the traffic himself. There was a heavy traffic jam at Film Nagar in Jubilee Hills on Monday (January 2) night. As a result, Suresh Babu, who was going that way, himself got out of the car and controlled the traffic. Traffic was cleared by standing on the road and giving instructions to motorists. Motorists were impressed when a movie celebrity stepped on the road and cleared the traffic. Many filmed the incident on their phones. Later it was shared on social media. Now the video is going viral on the net. Netizens are praising Suresh Babu for acting like a responsible citizen.

Meanwhile, Suresh Babu has reduced the production of films under the banner of Suresh Productions for some time now. After Narappa starring Venkatesh in 2021, no other film has been screened as a full-fledged producer. And this year, he acted only as a co-producer for films like Shakini Dakini, Dongalununna Yaya, Prince. Also acted as presenter for the movie Virata Parvam starring Rana Daggubati. Recently, Suresh Babu was once again in the news by responding to the release of Telugu and Tamil movies in Tollywood. He spoke in support of Dil Raju who recently responded to the Telugu Producers Council’s letter to give more priority to Telugu films during the Sankranthi season. The comments made by saying that Telugu language has no boundaries and that all films will run during the Sankranthi season have become the subject of intense debate.


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