He always had the same job in the shooting of Brahmastra..Ranbir’s disgraced hot beauty..!!

This wonderful visualization movie directed by Brahmastra Bollywood director was released worldwide on September 9 and received a huge hit. Bollywood star hero Rana Bir Kapoor and his wife Alia Bhatt acted as the heroines in this movie which was opened at pan India level. In this movie, Tollywood King Manmadhu Nagarjuna, Amita Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan.. acted in key roles.

Mouni Rai was seen as the main villain in this movie. There is nothing special to say about Mauni Rai. She earned a good name by playing villain roles in Bollywood serials. Her name alone looks like a hot heroine to see the villain. On the other hand, due to the success of the movie Brahmastra, she recently spoke in an interview.. She made interesting comments about the Tollywood hero King Nagarjuna. Moreover, it seems that the young hero Ranbir Kapoor was insulted by those comments.

We know that Nagarjuna is a cupid. Wherever he is there is a crowd of women. Nagarjuna has got such a lady fan following. But it was the same during the shooting time of Brahmastra movie. If he had, he would have surrounded all the girls in the set. They used to talk about autographs and photographs. Moreover, he has no status as a star hero.

Mouni Roy said that he used to smile and greet everyone and chat with everyone.. Ranbir Kapoor is with Alia.. but Nagarjuna who is very fun with everyone on the sets, said that working with Nagarjuna is an unforgettable experience. With that one word, Nagarjuna came into trending and Ranbir Kapoor’s reputation was indirectly taken by Mouni Roy, the netizens say.

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