Hawwa..is Janhvi doing such things to increase her size..what karmic mother are you..!?

If you want to grow as a heroine in this glamorous world.. definitely physique is important. No matter how beautiful you are, if you don’t maintain your physique correctly, you won’t be able to push yourself as a heroine for a long time in the film industry. After one or two hits, heroines usually increase their body. The increased salary may be due to the reason.. It may be due to head white.. Whatever the reasons, some heroines eat junk food and parties.. They increase their body size everywhere. But some heroines maintain a perfect physique even after reaching the age of 60, but they put their body under control so that they look like a sword-like figure.

Kaga Present Janhvi Kapoor does various exercises to enhance her beauty. Janhvi Kapoor, who keeps her body in a good physique by doing exercises and doing exercises, is doing exercises to increase the size of her private parts.. News is going viral in Bollywood media. If we have noticed, Janhvi Kapoor’s breasts size was very small among the newcomers to the film industry. But she always tries to increase their size.

We know that people do not see our faces as attractive in the film industry. So even the directors do not give opportunities, so the heroines follow a lot of rules in terms of their food and keeping their body fit. In this order, Janhvi Kapoor seems to be doing a new type of exercise to keep the attractive parts of her body fit. How to do that exercise, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.. Lie down on the floor and rub your breasts on the floor. The news is going viral in Bollywood media that Janhvi Kapoor told his friends that this is natural therapy. Knowing this, her fans are making comments saying that you are beautiful, you are beautiful, this is the mother of Karma.. With this, Jhanvi’s name became viral in a range in Beetown.

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