Hawva..chee chee Rashmi Pi is such a bad room..?

S.. Present comments are trending as a hot topic on social media. Jabardasth anchor Rashmi will work only for exposing..? Netizens say yes, film analysts also think the same. Especially Rashmi, who gained popularity as an anchor, got vulgar comments by sharing hot and trendy photoshoots on social media while her career was peaking.

Rashmi, who changed her behavior to get vulgar comments saying love affair with Sudhir Sudheer on social media, has recently been doing hot photo shoots as a single. Most importantly, Rashmi’s recent fuss in Mall Deaves is not all that much.

In this order, some netizens are making vulgar comments saying that she concentrates more on hot photoshoots on social media than on offers in the film industry..Actually there is no actress in Rashmi..Anchoring is also okay..Rashmi is useless if she misses exposure. With this, Rashmi’s name is trending as a hot topic on social media..!!

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