Havva.. Will the heroine Taapsi spend lakhs for that happiness..? What luck babu!!

After entering the film industry as a heroine, it is not known in what range the heroines will acquire assets. Especially if it is a big celebrity of Bollywood, the use cream is in lakhs each. Stopping with one cream, she applies ten or eleven creams on her face and goes around in various ways to look more beautiful.

And some heroines ..don’t eat rice to their stomach saying zero size..to control their weight to lose fat..they do various tricks to look slim. Recently Taapsee responded to such things. She said that she falls into that category and that’s why her parents are still scolding her. Taapsee, who participated in an interview recently, faced a question about her personal life.

” What kind of exercise do you do for a good physique? When the host asked about what kind of diet he would follow, he said that he has appointed a dietician for himself.. He will have a complete diet as they said.. He will definitely be doing gym and yoga.. Special trainers have been fixed for that. I had to say that I will continue to spend. Moreover, she gave a shock by saying that many heroines are doing things like her in the film industry. Looking at this calculation, if a heroine like Taapsee is spending lakhs per month..people are wondering how many crores star heroines like Samantha and Tamanna spend on their beauty..!!

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