Has Krishna done so much injustice to his daughter Manjula… Has she been held hostage for love…!

Superstar Krishna’s wife Indira Devi passed away recently due to ill health. It is known that this couple has three daughters and two sons. It is known that the elder son Ramesh Babu also died of illness last year. Meanwhile, Manju, one of Krishna’s daughters, had a strong desire to excel in films from before. Senior journalist Emandi Rama Rao said in his latest interview that Krishna killed that desire.

They want to make Manjula a heroine in movies. But as Krishna’s fans put serious pressure on Krishna to make his daughter as the heroine, Krishna did not agree to his daughter’s wish. They wanted to cast Manju as the heroine in the movie Top Hero, which had Balayya as the hero. Krishna… Sr. beat NTR in all matters. At that time there was a lot of objections from Krishna’s fans that why would Manjula act alongside NTR’s son Balayya.

Meanwhile, he said that Krishna had troubled Manjula’s love affair. Even though he was already married and had a wife, he married Vijayanirma for love… Rama Rao said that Krishna, who had thought highly of his love, could not think so about his daughter’s love. Manjula loved Sanjay Swarup. He insisted on marrying him. But Krishna does not like Manjula’s love. She stayed like this for not one, not two, but nine years.

Krishna, on the other hand, wanted to see his daughter in a good financial relationship and get married. That is why it is said that he did not like Manjula’s love. Finally Manjula remained unmarried for 9 years. Krishna did not encourage her in her favorite film career. Rama Rao said that after Indira Devi’s insistence, Krishna agreed to Manju’s love after 9 years after insisting that it is the daughter and son-in-law who should do Kapuram.

But he also said that if Manju had been given encouragement in the field of cinema, her career would have been different. Rama Rao made it clear that she did some web series along with the show movie as her interest in movies did not decrease after marriage. However, to help Manju financially, Mahesh Babu gave call sheets and made the movie Nani, but it was not successful either. He also said that Manjula lost all his assets and suffered a lot as the film, which he had given a share to in another film starring Mahesh, was also not successful.

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