Has Balayya’s sentiment become an obstacle to the delay in the launch of Nandamuri Mokshajna..!

Junior NTR and Kalyan Ram are already in the race as the third generation heroes of the Nandamuri clan. Junior NTR is emerging as a star hero in Tollywood. He became a pan India star with the movie ‘Triple R’. On the other hand, Kalyan Ram also hit the track with the movie Bimbisara. Tarakaratna and Chaitanya Krishna were also made heroes from this same family.

Now there are huge expectations on Balayya’s son Mokshajna’s entry as the third generation hero in the Nandamuri clan. Balayya Vando’s movie “Gautamiputra Satakarni” is getting news that there will be a Mokshajna entry from the time of the movie.. So far Mokshajna entry has not happened yet. In these five and a half years there have been heaps of news about Mokshajna. Sometimes the fans who saw Mokshajna’s look were also disappointed. Recently, Nandamuri’s fans are in a state of hope as Mokshagna has slimmed down a bit and is getting into the look of a hero.

No matter how many news are coming… Not only the fans of Nandamuri, but also the Telugu movie lovers are disappointed as the days are passing and still the Mokshagna hero is not launched. Mokshagna has a huge responsibility to continue the strong Nandamuri legacy to this generation. On the one hand, Mokshajna is training in America in fighting, dancing and acting. On the other hand, Balayya is listening to the stories for the heir. Even though all this is going on, there is still no official announcement about Mokshagna Vendi Terangreta. It seems that only the sentiment of Balayya’s horoscope has become an obstacle so far.

Balayya believes in horoscopes. Hence, it seems that his successor has been waiting till now for the right moment and the right time for launching. It seems that Mokshajna has not been launched so far because of that only reason.. A good moment has been fixed in the next year.. Mokshajna has been finalized to enter as a Tollywood hero in 2023 as Balayya’s successor. If everything goes well, they are planning to start shooting in February or March 2023 and release Mokshajna’s debut film next year.

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