Harish Shankar: Kancharapalem director’s comments on KGF.. Harish Shankar’s jokes!

Harish Shankar: The director ‘Venkatesh Maha’, who gained a good reputation in the industry with the movie ‘Keraf Kancharapalem’, recently made sensational comments on KGF in an interview given to a YouTube channel. If we make good films showing values, they criticize them. If a film is made on the same niche, they applaud and call it a great film. These comments raised a furor not only in Tollywood but also in Sandalwood.

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Recently, Tollywood mass director Harish Shankar indirectly responded to this matter. Harish Shankar, who attended Balagam’s success meet, said that since many days there has been a debate in the industry whether it is a class movie, a mass movie or a commercial movie. All these are just the names given by the industry and media to address a movie. What will the audience not see, just a good movie? right? They only see that. That’s why we are on the success stage today.

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We heard that they went to Shankarabharanam and Sagarasangama films with carts. In those movies, there was no shooting and no bloodshed. But those movies were also loved by masses. Just like how goosebumps were given to the flashback when he said my name is Manikyam in the movie Basha, in the movie Sagarasangama when he said this is Bharatanatyam, this is Kuchipudi, the flashback behind it got a similar reaction.

What I want to say is.. In a joint family where there are three brothers who do software, one brother has a civil contract job, and another brother does business, they don’t compare to each other. An older brother who does a software job as a class does not scold his younger brother who does a civil contract as a mass. That is why it is like a joint family. Industry is also a joint family. It is our movie whether it is 300 crores or 3 crores. There are many problems out there for us to fight. One person comes and says that sentiments are damaged, another says lyric and dialogue, on the other side there are many problems like OTT competition. He revealed that we all have to fight against them together, but we should not beat ourselves up and become weak in front of them.

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