Hanuman | Shocking.. Is Anjaneyudu the same in Hanuman movie..?

Hanuman | Who is Hanuman in the movie Hanuman? There has been a lot of discussion about this in the industry for a few days now. However, director Prashant Varma is not answering the question of who is Hanuman in his film. Even if he asks, he only says that he will not tell.. In the movie, there is no mention of who Hanuman is. In a way, the interest of who is Hanuman in this movie and who acted in that role has been running since many days. Even though there is a discussion on this, not even a small leak has come out. Because Prashant Varma strongly believes that this is the Brahma material for his film.

In a recent interview, Prashant Varma calmly answered the question of who is Hanuman in the movie, even though the anchor was bothering him. Not only you, sir.. I will not talk about this topic until the release of the film. Our idea is that the audience should feel the thrill of seeing who played that character in the theaters tomorrow. That’s why this director is not talking about it anywhere and has increased his interest. But if we look at the talk in the industry, it is clear that the character of Hanuman in the movie Hanuman is not someone else, it is the digital version of Megastar Chiranjeevi.

It is being advertised that Chiranjeevi has been recreated with artificial intelligence using advanced technology. Hanuman’s eyes are similar to those of Chiranjeevi in ​​the trailer that was released the other day. If the director was asked about the same thing, he even admitted that they are Chiranjeevi’s eyes. And when asked if Chiranjeevi was shown digitally, Prashant did not give any answer. He said that you can see it in the movie. Judging by his words, it can be understood that Chiranjeevi reference was definitely used in Hanuman movie. Moreover, Chiranjeevi is coming as the chief guest for the pre-release ceremony of this movie. The producers of the director are doing a pre-release function on January 7. January 12 has to come to end this suspense.

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