Hanu-Man: Hanuman won’t continue the magic of Karthikeya-2..?

Hanu-Man: Tollywood’s superhero movie ‘Hanuman’ is currently attracting the attention of the entire Indian audience. While the director Prashanth Varma is directing this movie with the utmost ambition, young hero Teja Sajja is playing the hero in this movie. But the posters and teasers of the film which have already been released tell us that this film is going to be at the next level in terms of visuals. However, along with the fans of the south, the audience of the north also have huge expectations on this movie.

HanuMan Official Teaser : Hanuman Teaser is here.. Goosebumps at the end of the teaser..

They have already seen the power of Tollywood movies many times. And the recent Karthikeya-2 movie has once again made Bollywood buzz. While the film created a sensation there with eye-catching collections, now all eyes are on Hanuman. Film sources feel that the Hanuman movie will definitely take the sensation Karthikeya-2 created there. As the teaser of the film has dazzled them, the North audience is confident that the film is going to be a visual feast.

Hanu-Man: ‘Hanuman’ taking ‘Anjanadri’ to the world..

While Prashanth Varma has made this movie without any compromise, film sources say that the content of this movie is sure to hook the audience. Film sources feel that just as Karthikeya-2 impressed the North Belt audience, Hanuman movie is sure to give them a huge treat. The film unit is yet to give clarity on the release date of this film.

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