Hansika is planning the first night in a different way.

Not to mention Hansika, who has gained fame as a Tollywood star heroine. Tollywood stylish star Allu Arjun got her first blockbuster in the career of Deshamuduru, which became one of the blockbuster hits. Moreover, Hansika’s cute expressions and hot figure in these movies have really impressed the people. After that, Hansika rocked Tollywood in a range regardless of the hits.

In this order, she also received great opportunities in Kollywood and became the number one heroine there. But soon Hansika will get married and have a house. Hansika, who fell in love with big businessman Sohel Khaturia in Mumbai, recently announced the name of her boyfriend officially. It is reported that their wedding will be held in a grand manner at the Mantoda Palace in Jaipur on 4th December. Moreover, Hansika, who has completed all the work related to the wedding, is getting the jewelery specially designed for her wedding. She gets her wedding jewelery designed like the jewelery worn by royals in a royal look.

But Hansika is hoping that her wedding will be very different and unique.. It is known that the first night is also planned in the same range. Hansika planned her first night in a separate flight instead of in a room like everyone else. People are shocked to know that Hansika, who thinks differently about anything, also thinks differently on the first night. Not only that, Sohel Khaturia, who is rich by nature, also fell for Hansika’s plan. Anyway, the first night in the flight is the same.. People say that it is fun. Let’s see how the first night in the flight is going to be..?

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