Hansika is doing something that no one else has done in her wedding..Is this too much?!?

We know that Hansika, who is famous as a Tollywood star heroine, is going to get married soon. The same thing has been going viral on social media for the past few months, until a week ago Hansika opened her mouth and officially confirmed their marriage by saying I love you to her future husband. She said that Mumbai-based big businessman Sohel Katuria Hansika’s marriage is fixed. Moreover, as expected, Hansika will spend crores of rupees in Matoda Palace and get married in a royal manner.

Hansika, who has already started shopping, is going to have special jewelery designed for her wedding and will be seen in a royal look. Moreover, Hansika is already married to Sohel, who is going to get married. This is the second marriage. The surprise is that Sohel’s first wife is not Hansika’s best friend. Hansika is going to marry the boy who was abandoned by Hansika’s best friend. This wedding becomes a hot topic trend on social media.

Recently, it is known that a sensational decision has been taken in the matter of marriage. Generally, after the boy is brought to the marriage table, the girl is taken. But Hansika, we are not inferior in any way.. we both are equal .. our minds are the same. As if our thoughts are the same.. The plan is to enter the wedding mandap for two people at the same time. Not only that, it is known that Hansika is going to give a big surprise at the wedding hall.

It has become a hot topic trend on social media to tell her friends that Sohel will be shocked to see this surprise. With this, people are commenting too much on Hansika’s wedding work. Whoever made the marriage is the marriage..it is important that both of them like it..it is not how much crores have been spent..it is important how long we have been together..let’s see what big bomb you are going to blow like Nayan.

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