Guppedantha Manasu 7 Jan Today Episode : Rajeev who was going to kill Sumitri.. Rishi saved her.. Chakrapani learned Rajeev’s true form.

Guppedantha Manasu 7 Jan Today Episode : The latest episode of Guppedantha Manasu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see the highlights of today 7th January 2023, Saturday episode 654. Rishi is sitting near the dhaba thinking about Vasudhara. He does not understand what. On the other hand, Vasudhara is crying in the jail. Rishi recalls all the memories with Vasu. On the other hand, she is looking at her thali and ring. Vasudhara, what do you want me to do? Rishi thinks what do you want me to become. If you think of a bond, you are delusional Vasudhara. You don’t tell me whatever I ask. Vasudhara you are in the police station. Your uncle is in the hospital. Do you think I will go if you go? Rishi is not separated from Rishidhara. He will not let you go. Suffering and responsibility are two different things. One does not mix with the other.. he thinks.

guppedantha manasu 07 january 2023 full episode

On the other hand, Chakrapani and Sumitra are in the hospital. On the other hand, the police who are protecting them go to the canteen. Meanwhile, Rajeev comes there. He sees them. Oh no.. what a lot of work. Uncle on one side. On the other hand, the father-in-law. Father-in-law’s body was injured. My uncle was upset. Uncle, what a job. Father-in-law thinks how much work is done. Uncle, open your eyes. He says your son-in-law Rajeev has come. But.. Chakrapani does not open his eyes. He is alive. I am lucky to have an uncle like you. As long as you believe in me, I am in the position of son-in-law number one. Throwing money I am in the best position. I will maintain that position.

And the problem is with Allah’s uncle. Hey uncle. You have helped me all these years. Your sacrifice is useful for my marriage. Sacrifice you uncle. If you want to read. But.. not dead.

Repo mapo gets up and sits. What will happen next.. the whole incident will be told to my uncle. After that, what is my condition, father-in-law? What will everyone think of me if everyone knows that I am the one who stabbed you?

My uncle thinks I am an ideal man. He thinks that I will go to jail unnecessarily. Will you live and send me to jail? Do you need to survive? You will not support me even if you live. Rajiv takes off the mask on his face saying, “Okay, I will grant you the boon of going away as a holy woman.”

Guppedantha Manasu 7 Jan Today Episode : Rishi came to the hospital and saw Chakrapani and Sumitra

At the same time, Rishi comes to the hospital. Father-in-law, do you want to tell me something? Finally tell me if you have any wish. If a baby is born to me and Vasu, I will name it after you. Don’t stress yourself. Rajiv says happy journey uncle.

After that he leaves from there. However.. Chakrapani remains conscious but.. pretends to be unconscious in front of Rajiv. After removing the mask and leaving, he opens his eyes. Chakrapani sees Sumitra beating on the bed.

Meanwhile, Rishi comes there and sees her beating on the bed. Rishi immediately goes into the room and puts a mask on himself. He says one minute and brings the doctor. Why didn’t you wear an oxygen mask.. asks Rishi.

It doesn’t matter how much it costs. Give good treatment. Rishi says I am. Meanwhile, Rajeev comes there again. He sees Sumitra wearing a mask. Rajiv says what are you here.

Rishi says I have a responsibility to take care of them too. So Vasudhara calls you uncles and aunts and me uncles and aunts. But because of you, Vasudhara stabbed their mother and Vasudhara went to jail, says Rajiv.

All this happened because of this Rishi. Rajiv says to the doctor that he should be sent out first. You go sir says doctor. Bhale Batikav is the father-in-law. Rajeev thinks that’s how you got together.

On the other hand, both Jagati and Mahindra are tensed in the room. Mahindra says what a world this is. I don’t understand what. If a man loves a Rishi, he wants it wholeheartedly. He loved Vasudhara so much. Now Rishi’s heart is broken by Vasudhara. Mahindra says Jagati what shall we do now.

Jagati says call Rishi once. Mahindra says he switched off the phone. As a child I endured the distance. Jagati says your love is the reason for that.

When Vasudhara came into Rishi’s life, there was a great change in him. He also forgot the evil done by the witness. Mahindra says that he thought the world of Vasudhara. What can we do even if we are here? Let’s go home says Mahindra.

With this both Jagati and Mahindra come home. They think that Rishi has come home. But.. Dharani says Rishi didn’t come here. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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