Guppedantha Manasu 20 Jan Today Episode : Vasudhara finds out where Rishi is.. Vasu goes there and is shocked.. What is Rishi doing there?

Guppedantha Manasu 20 Jan Today Episode : The latest episode of Guppedantha Manasu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 20 January 2023, Friday episode 665. Chakrapani calls Vasudhara and asks how she is. He says he met Rishi. Vasudhara says I am fine but be careful with that Rajiv. Chakrapani says that he will not leave him at all. We will get there too. Chakrapani says I will stay with you. Vasudhara says I will make all arrangements for you to come here. Mom says ok with this. Chakrapani says Sumitra everything will be good for us from now on. Let us all be together. He tells Sumitra that let’s meet.

guppedantha manasu 20 january 2023 friday full episode

On the other hand, Rishi is lying on the sofa thinking about Vasudhara. You have done so much work.. You have answered many questions in my life. He says that finally you remain the big question. Rishi sees the god taking the flowers with him. Why did Vasudhara take the flowers? Why would someone’s wife want to talk to me? Rishi thinks it is wrong. On the other hand, when should I tell all the things that happened to Rishi Sir? Why did the person who left come back? Thinking that if they came again, it must be that they love me.. She sends a WhatsApp message to Rishi saying that she should take a photo of the flowers and talk to her, sir.

Rishi does not know what reply to give to this. Both look at Chandamama outside and talk. Why did we become distant? Vasudhara thinks she doesn’t understand why she is doing this.

Meanwhile, if his flowers are going to fall down… I will not let him do anything in life, sir. Even if it is a bond.. she thinks that she will definitely do something. Vasudhara thinks you will remain an unanswered question forever.

Rishi thinks sir where are you sir. Rishi thinks I don’t understand where I am or what is happening. Rishi sees the photo sent by Vasudhara. If you cut it, it will turn white. Vasudhara comes to college. Everyone is looking for where Rishi sir is.

She always comes to the place where they sit and sits. Remembers everything. Rishi sir, you and I walked together..talked..every moment is a memory for me. Why don’t you understand me? Wonder where you actually went.

Guppedantha Manasu 20 Jan Today Episode : Jagati, Mahindra no one lifted Vasudhara phone

Vasudhara thinks that this will make Vasudhara lonely. Immediately calls Rishi. But.. Rishi doesn’t pick up the phone. With this, Jagati thinks to call madam. Madam also thinks she doesn’t understand me.

Even the world does not lift. Vasudhara will do to Mahindra. But.. he doesn’t lift either. Rishi sir thought how would Vasudhara be without you. Where did you go without telling me sir? She thinks that she does not know anything.

I need to see you sir. Talk to you. Dharani thinks that if she calls madam, she will tell her. Immediately calls Dharani. Madam.. I am talking about Vasudhara. Do you know where rishi sir is? asks.

Rishi did not come home. No one knows where he has gone. Vasudhara asks why did you do that. Vasudhara cuts the phone. Vasudhara thinks that she will go and see Rishi sir for the first time in DBST College.

If you cut it, you will go to that room and open the door. Meanwhile Rishi is also going to open the door at the same time. Suddenly Rishi opens the door. Vasudhara goes and falls on his lap.

She asks why are you here sir. Hence it is a college guest house. What is your job here? This means that I am a college employee. She says you are not giving me time to talk.

Rishi says I am running away from you every moment. Vasudhara says there is nothing to talk about. He says go away from here. It may go away today. Tomorrow.. otherwise it will be tomorrow.

Mahindra sends a message to Sir. Voice messages on WhatsApp. Rishi sir is in college guest house. It will send a message saying come and take it. What are you doing with anger? He says will you go.. or I will go.

Vasudhara does not know what to do with this. comes out. Meanwhile, Chakrapani calls. Madhuri called you there. Health is not good. He says your mother says let’s go to her.

Amma will be sent to Madhavi and I will come to you. He says why he wants to come near you. What does Vasudhara say about this? you come Vasudhara says I have no problem.

Chakrapani says okay. Mahindra tells Devya that Rishi is in college. Why did Vasudhara come there? Devayani asks what actually happened.

Devayani says what will Rishi do if Vasudhara comes. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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