Guntur kaaram | Srileela's steps to O My Baby song.. Trending video

Guntur kaaram | Guntur Kaaram is a film coming from Tollywood star hero Mahesh Babu's compound. This movie being called SSMB 28 is being directed by Trivikram Srinivas. While the makers have already released the Dum Masala lyrical video song, the second single O My Baby lyrical video song is shaking the social media.

Recently, Sreeleela took a stylish step while humming the same song. Now video pushing is trending. This song written by Ramajogaiah Shastri is sung by Shilpa Rao. Srileela of Pendli SandaD fame in Guntur Karam is playing the male lead role while Meenakshi Chaudhary is playing the second female lead role. This film is being directed by S Radhakrishna (China Babu) under the banner of Harika and Hasini Creations. S Thaman is providing music and background score for this film.

Guntur Karam 2024 will have a grand release in theaters worldwide on 12th January. Guntur Karam Mass Strike, which the makers have already launched, says that the superstar is going to provide full entertainment to the fans. Expectations are high as it is the coming film of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas combo after the films of Aahu and Khaleja.

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