Gopichand missed… Nagarjuna got hit.. not a normal blow…!

The market of senior hero Nagarjuna in Tollywood is completely down. In the last five or six years, if only one Bangarraju film is left, all the films made by Nagarjuna will be a disaster. No one is watching movies like The Ghost which finally got some good talk. The original Nagarjuna movie meant that the audience did not come to the theatres. Some fans of Akkineni don’t care about Nagarjuna’s movies.

In the case of Bangarraju’s movie, with the presence of people like Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Shetty and the release of Soggade Chinninayana as a sequel, there were some expectations. There is a discussion in Tollywood that Nagarjuna’s lack of seriousness in the choice of stories is also how many of his films are flops. Nagarjuna is more focused on business and that is why he is taking films lightly.

As Nagarjuna was completely concentrating on business, even Nagarjuna’s successors were not getting proper hit films. Chaitu’s last two films turned out to be big disasters. Two years have passed since the release of the movie Akhil. When is the movie Agent? It was not announced that it was coming. They say that it has always exceeded the budget. Meanwhile, Nagarjuna acted in a disaster movie called Bhai under the direction of Veerabhadram Chaudhary.

This movie is produced by Nagarjuna Annapurna Studio. How much is the movie? It is a disaster and not even a single rupee of the investment was returned. Kicked so badly. Nagarjuna’s open criticism of the film’s director Veerabhadram Chowdhury became a sensation at that time. But Veerabhadram Chaudhary first told this story to another hero Gopichand. When Gopichand rejected.. Nagarjuna was told that this story would suit Nagarjuna’s body language well.. Nagarjuna said ok and made the film.

If you do, the movie will be a big disaster. So Gopichand got out of the big terrible disaster and Nagarjuna died. But Veerbhadram Chowdhury expressed his grief that the film flopped because of the changes and additions that were made as per his wish.

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