Gopichand 32 | Gopichand is shooting for a new movie at Jet Speed.. Srinuvaitla seems to be making a grand comeback this time..!

Gopichand 32 | It’s been a long time since I saw an action Gopichand hit. For almost nine years, he has been struggling to find the right hit. Rambanam, which had a lot of hopes, turned out to be an ultra disaster. Even Srivas who gave two biggest hits in his career could not save Gopi this time. With that, Gopichand started his new movie recently after taking some gap. That too with Srinuwait who has held the megaphone for five years. Vaytla, who was once in super form, is now making all-out efforts to make a hit film. Amar Akbar gave a disaster movie in the form of Antony to Ravi Teja who called and made an offer. After that Srinuvaitla has not done another movie till now.

Srinuvaitla is determined to make a comeback with this movie. Yama is also speeding up the shooting with the same effort. Recently the film unit has completed the key schedule for this film. The film was shot in beautiful locations in Milan, Italy. To this extent, the makers have shared a special video with the fans. Star technicians like KV Guhan and Gopi Mohan are working in this film under the banner of Chitralayam Studios. Chaitanya Bharadwaj is composing the music for this movie. Along with the key schedule, a song has also been shot. It is known that Balagam actress Kavya Kalyanram is going to play Gopi’s pair in this movie.

Usually people like Srinuvaitla’s movies immensely. Right now, due to lack of time, he has not made the right films, but his films till Aggressiveness are an entertainment formula for the masses. It is not an exaggeration to say that there were people who rushed to the theaters if his name was seen on the poster alone. Such a director has now fallen into the underworld. Even though the sequel was announced in the meantime, it did not materialize. And finally he is going to convince the macho star and do a family story.

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