Good audiences don’t do that

Hero Ajay Devgan said that there is friendship and unity between Bollywood star heroes. Ajay said that although they don’t meet often, they stand up for each other if needed. Ajay said that stars like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Akshay Kumar are just a phone call away. The movie ‘Bhola’ starring him as the hero is getting ready for release on 30th of this month. Tabu played a pivotal role in this film. ‘Bhola’ is being made as a remake of Tamil hit movie ‘Khaithi’ starring Karthi. Ajay Devgan recently responded to the negativity coming on social media about his friendship with fellow heroes and films. He said…’Common audience does not have the enthusiasm to criticize movies and know about differences between heroes. They will see the trailer first. If you like, you will go to a movie in the theater. Discuss with friends and family members how was the movie they watched. Only then will they show interest. They don’t do their analysis on social media. Only a few are spreading negativity on social media by criticizing movies in every instance. We will all meet as heroes. If there is a need, we will definitely respond for each other” he said.

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