God.. Inaya who hit the bumper offer.. Now the selling range has to change..!!

Inaya Sultana.. This name needs no special introduction. Ramgopal Varma is the word that comes to mind when Inaya Sultana is mentioned. Some people target and troll her by saying that she mingles with him and behaves mentally. People keep saying that Ramgopal Varma is behaving as if he is a little carried away.

Inaya Sultana, who entered the Bigg Boss house in the recent season, played the game in her own style and continued till the last. Meanwhile, Inaya who tried to be in the final top five could not fulfill that hope. Although Inaya Sultana is busy with many offers after coming out of the house.

According to the news that is going viral on social media, it is known that a famous production company has given a bumper offer to Inaya Sultana. But the reason why such a big company called and gave an opportunity to Average Inaya Sultana is that she has to show more boldness in this movie. Not only that, Ammadu is not a heroine in the movie but a second heroine character type. But in boldness, you have to be madly excited. But being a famous production company, people are saying that Sultana did not dare to say no. Once again, if Inaya gets excited and gives a performance, then the boys will have to freak out..!!

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