God.. Did Rambha and Simran have such a fight in that matter..? Maha mudurlu..!!

If there are two heroines in the shooting of a movie, many problems arise. Especially their dominance is hard to bear. Fall and die for priority. If you give a little more priority to the heroine next to you, problems will start. Film industry is the name given to egos. If they have less scenes and another heroine has more scenes, the shooting location will become a mess. Similar situations have happened in many movies. From then till today, such incidents are repeated in every movie.


But the incident that we are going to tell now happened between Simran and Rambha who were star heroines in the 90’s ending. It should be said that among these two heroines, Rambha is a five-year senior heroine. While she entered the industry in 1992 with the movie “Aa Okti Adakku”, Simran made her debut in 1997 with Tamil and Telugu movies simultaneously. Although Simran’s first Tamil film, she acted with Rambha in VIP. Prabhu Deva and Abbas are the main lead heroes while Simran and Rambha are the heroines. This movie was made as a romantic comedy movie and got good success.

Simran and Rambha competed against each other in this film. Both played a key role in the success of the film. But in the location, the media of that time was complaining that both of them had ego problems due to small things. Even though Rambha is a senior heroine, there are some scenes where Simran has a bit more priority. This gave strength to the news that there was a fight between them. However, these two heroines did not speak about this matter at that time. Also, judging by the fact that they did not act together again, they thought that the rumors were true.

After a few years, heroine Simran opened up about this matter when asked by her fan in an interview. He said that he had no quarrel with Rambha. It is remarkable to say that some in the media and industry want to create such conflicts. Simran also said that we both are good friends. Rambha said that she had a good opinion of her. It has become a habit to come up with issues like this in the industry and in front of the media to say that there is no conflict between us.

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