Ghattamaneni’s family lost three members in a year..

Super Star Krishna | If a person in the family dies, it takes a long time to recover. If one dies before one forgets the other’s death, the pain is indescribable. This is the current situation of the Ghattamaneni family. The family lost three children in the same year and went into grief beyond words.

The year 2022 left Ghattamaneni’s family deeply saddened. Krishna’s elder son, actor and Mahesh Babu’s brother Ramesh Babu passed away earlier this year. Ramesh Babu’s death due to illness on 8th January has deeply affected the family. Krishna-Indira Devi could not bear the death of their son while they were there. Ramesh Babu’s death gave a big shock to the family. And before Mahesh Babu could recover from the loss of his brother, his mother Indira Devi died. He passed away at home due to illness on September 28. Now Krishna’s death before recovering from that pain has made the family more sad. Especially Mahesh Babu was left with a lot of grief. As three people died in Mahesh Babu’s house in a row, Ghattamaneni’s family was deeply saddened.

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