Gharshana-2 | Venkatesh- Gautham Menon’s ‘Gharshana’ movie sequel will be released?

Gharshana-2 Movie | Gautham Vasudeva Menon is one of the directors who got craze equally in Tamil as well as Telugu. He got good recognition in Telugu with movies like ‘Gharshana’, ‘Emaya Chalave’, ‘Surya Sannaf Krishnan’. Every movie directed by him is released in Tamil as well as Telugu simultaneously. His love stories have separate fans. His specialty is telling love stories beautifully and poetically. His current directorial venture ‘The Life of Muthu’ released on Saturday to positive reviews. The film, starring Simbu in the lead role, is set in the backdrop of a gangster drama.

Meanwhile, Gautham Menon recently responded to Venkatesh’s movie ‘Gharshana’. He said that he met Venkatesh recently and discussed the sequel to Gharshana. But he said that the script for the sequel has not been written yet, but he will definitely start the sequel soon. Moreover, he said that he wants to make a thriller in the style of ‘Raghavan’ with Chiru. Currently Gautham Menon is not only a director but also an actor doing many films.
Biji is busy. It is known that Major Selvan played the role of Major Selvan in ‘Sitaharam’ recently. It is known that he has recently revealed that he will be doing his next film with Ram.

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