Getup Srinu in unexpected complications.. Sudheer raised his hand.. Is this your friendship..?

The name Getup Srinu… needs no new introductions. Getup Srinu, who gained huge popularity through the show Jabardasth on television, then got opportunities in films as well and is in the top position in both television and silver prices. Meanwhile, Getup Srinu’s recent words have now become viral on social media. Moreover, some people are trolling him excessively. They are commenting that you have so much talent, you are not that smart.

Sudhir Sudhir’s name in this sequence has also become viral on social media. We know that Hanuman teaser was released recently. In this event, Jabardast comedian Getup Srinu praised Prashanth Varma, the director of the movie, in a range. So far so good, but in the middle of the words, he raised the sky saying another Rajamouli for the industry. This is where the fans got a bit hurt. Prashant Varma is not a great director. But he is not such a great director to compare with Rajamouli..?

There is not a single negative point in Rajamouli’s career so far ..there is no negative movie. But Prashant Varma’s movies are hits but they don’t get blockbuster talk. He may have talent but he is Prashant Varma..not Rajamouli and they are countering Getup Sreenu. Not only that, some people are trolling him excessively.

But Sudhir and Ramprasad are also being dragged on this. You say you are friends.. but you did not respond in this matter. At least if there is so much trolling going on on your friend, you should help him by mistake and give some clarity..? How if you take care of your work silently..? Getup Shinu fans are getting angry. Is this your friendship..? Everyone knows how your skits would have been biscuits without Getup Srinu” Digging into the past, Sheenu, Sudigali Sudhir and Ramprasad are expressing doubts about their friendship. Whatever it is, fans are worried that one word has become the way to break their friendship.

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