Geetu Royal | Criticism on Geethu’s performance..Are you highlighting her in Bigg Boss?

Looking at the current situation in the Bigg Boss house, this seems to be the case. Geetu Royal, who came as just a normal contestant two weeks ago, has become a controversy queen for the entire Big Boss House (Big Boss 6 Telugu). She is used to quarreling over every little thing. Even if no one complains about the way she is playing the game, the way she stays at home, there is a lot of criticism on the way she behaves.

There are many complaints on social media about Geetu Royal doing what she likes without giving respect to elders. But everyone liked the way she played the game last week. Especially Nagarjuna (Nagarjuna) also showered praises. Because of that, she is getting terrible criticism saying that her eyes have gone to her head. In the recently started thief police task, Geetu is trying to keep everyone under her control so that no one plays the game and everyone is criticizing her.

If the members of the house are like this, how will the rest of the game go on? Meanwhile, Bigg Boss has given Geethu more powers than anyone else in this task. Geethu, who normally plays the game as she likes, is more excited by the power given by Bigg Boss. It turned the entire game on its side, completely stopping the rest of the game. If she plays like this, Geetoo will be the best player this week too.

If not, the point that everyone is asking is whether the advantage given to her by Bigg Boss should be given to the other contestants as well. Looking at all this, it seems that Geethu is being highlighted in Bigg Boss. Even the organizers of the show think that if she runs around the whole thing, the ratings will come. Let’s see how well this plan will work out.

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