Geetanjali – Padmanabham affair how Guttu was afraid…!

Geethanjali and Padmanabham, the character artists of the generation who graced the silver screen as a comedy duo in Telugu and Tamil films, many things used to be discussed at that time. It is special that both of them belong to the same social group..They have acted in more than 100 films..Without these two..for a decade..there is no opportunity to develop original comedy..


It was during this sequence that there was an affair between Geetanjali and Padmanabha. In some places, the reporters cook a lot of gossip. There were big news that both of them were using the same car.. even to the studios.. that both of them were coming together.. Moreover.. Padmanabham used to set up his own banner and make films at that time.

In those films, there were films related to some social groups related to some folklore. However.. in any movie.. Geetanjali used to play some role. This also gave rise to rumours. However.. Padmanabham was a well-educated person and did not care about these things. Geetanjali is a daring personality. With this, she would also read and leave.


However, at that time companies like Gemini and Vahini did not tolerate rumors at all. If people like Pettimari, Chakrapani and BN Reddy write rumors like this, what will happen? Playing with their lives is also news? Don’t post news about our studios anymore. They said that. Moreover.. It was in this sequence that Chakrapani used to bring a monthly magazine called Bommarillu.. and provide movie specials. This.. thing..!

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