Gangs of Godavari This is the new release date of Vishwaksen’s Gangs of Godavari.. The announcement is delayed..!

Gangs of Godavari Gangs of Godavari is one of the movies that Vishwak Sen is acting in Mas Ka Das. Coming as Vishwak Sen 11 (VS11), this film is being directed by Krishna Chaitanya of Chal Mohan Ranga fame. Neha Shetty of DJ Tillu fame is playing the female lead role. Glimpse video released by the makers recently revealed when the movie will be released.

It is known that the news is doing the rounds that this movie is planned to be released on December 8. But the latest news is that the film is getting ready to be released on December 29. Inside talk of Filmnagar circle is that the official announcement of the new release date of this movie which is going to be an action packed movie with political elements is delayed.

The already launched Gangs of Godavari’s first single Suttamla Susi Pokala lyrical video song is garnering views and raising expectations for the film. The film is being presented by Srikara Studios under the banner of Fortune Four along with Sithara’s banner. Anjali is acting in another female lead role. While Vishwaksen is also acting in VS10.. Meenakshi Chaudhary is acting in the fe male lead role. On the other hand, he also completed the adventurous fantasy film Gaami. The release date of Gami needs to be clarified.

Glimpses of Gangs of Godavari..

Vishwaksen and Nehashetty dance..


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