Gangavva | Gangavva, who boarded the plane for the first time.. has crossed 6 million views on Instagram

Gangavva | YouTube star Gangavva.. There is no one in the state who does not know this name. Like a pure village clay man.. As a next door elder, she has won many fans with her natural accent. Shaking YouTube even at the age of 60. Gangavva, who is close to everyone with My Village Show, is now in the news once again. On the occasion of Shivratri last month, the YouTuber, who boarded the first flight for the first time, posted a video on her Instagram about her flight journey.

The clip has received over six million views so far. 5,38,957 people liked it. This number is increasing day by day. Apart from this, the number of shares and likes is also increasing. Everyone is reacting differently to this. An Insta user said that sometimes things like this don’t need language to be understood, Gangavva is an inspiration to all. Success comes at any age.. keep working. Try to make your dreams come true,” wrote another. And isn’t this true.. It goes with age. To make dreams come true..


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