Game On : Participate in the “Game On” contest and win one lakh rupees.. Chitraunit gave a bumper offer.

Geet Anand and Neha Solanki are acting as heroines in the movie ‘Game On’. Ravi Kasturi is producing this movie under the banner of Kasturi Creations Production and Golden Wing Productions under the direction of Dayanand. The newly released first lyric song “Richo Rich” from this movie is getting an amazing response from the audience. The film team is conducting a contest on the occasion of this song reaching 3 million views. The film team has announced that they will select those who have made reels and won in this contest and will give a prize money of Rs 25,000 each.

On this occasion, producer Ravi Kasturi said.. We are very happy to get 3 million views for the song Richo Rich, which we recently released for the first time by the famous Nawab Gang Band of Hyderabad from our film ‘Game On’. We have organized a contest to thank the audience for such a good response and to anchor them all and return the gift they gave us. Four people who have participated in this contest and made the best reels will be selected and each of them will be given 25,000 lakh rupees. We want everyone to participate and win our prize money. After seeing the trailer, teaser and songs that we have released from this film, many friends and distributors are calling and appreciating it. That gave us a lot of confidence in our film. Everyone worked very hard and worked together as a team. Arvind Viswanathan has given the visuals brilliantly. Every frame takes you to a new world. It is an emotional journey between intense characters. A game starts in the life of the hero as a loser in the remaining time of his life. This story is about what level the game takes him. I am sure that everyone who has seen this movie will love it. Actors and technicians all supported well. I sincerely hope that you all support and bless our film, which is coming to the audience soon.

Director Dayanand said.. We are very happy to get 3 million views for the Richo Rich song we released. When it comes to Game On, ‘It’s a different story from routine movies. Different movies are not only coming out in Telugu now, they are also becoming successful. Creating a mark. I think Game On movie will be in that category. Thanks to the producer for giving me an opportunity to make a good story with lots of twists and turns. Action and romance in this movie. He said that everyone will like our movie which is coming soon with all kinds of elements that the audience wants along with emotions.

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