Gadar rerelease | This is the season of re-releases of movies..Gadar re-release in theaters once again

Gadar rerelease | Currently the period of re-releases of movies is running. This trend continues from Hollywood to Tollywood. What about watching super hit movies only when they are shown on TV? Our producers who thought that.. recently started the rerelease trend. This trend continued in Telugu as well. Also, the Hollywood movie Avatar which rocked the country was also re-released. In this way, Titanic is also ready for rerelease.

The producers of the film ‘Gadar-Ek Prem Katha’, which has rained collections at the box office and starred Sunny Deol as the hero, are once again ready to be shown in theatres. Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel acted in this movie. While the Gadar-2 movie is being made, the producers have announced that the movie Gadar, which shook the theaters 22 years ago, will be re-released on June 15. The makers of the film have planned to release Gadar-2, which is being produced as the second part, on August 11. The makers are preparing to release Gadar-2 on the same date as it was released in 2001. The producers have announced that the audience will understand it more easily if they watch part-1 and then part-2, so they should re-release the movie Gadar before the release of Gadar-2.

Gadar is not just a movie. Tara Singh is not the only character. The sentiments of millions of people. Gadar-2 is trending every day from India to abroad. Posting photos and emotions. We love and respect them. Please wait some more time. The release date of this film will be announced soon,” said producers Nittin Keni, Bhanwar Singh and Bhowmik Gondalia via Twitter. This movie, which became the biggest hit in Sunny Deol’s career, collected Rs. 250 crores at the box office in 2001.

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