Four committees to resolve issues

The Telugu Film Chamber is holding extensive discussions with the representatives of various departments to solve the problems in the film industry. The industry is taking advantage of this truce to get back on track after shooting has stopped. In this regard, the Telugu Film Chamber organized a special meeting on Thursday. On this occasion, top producer Dil Raju said, ‘Film Chamber is supreme for Telugu cinema. We have formed four committees to solve the problems in Chitraseema.

These four committees work on VPF charges, OTT, revenue percentages, wages of film workers and construction costs. We have no intention of stopping shootings for months. All the producers put a lot of responsibility on me. Also I have no personal agenda. I am working for the industry. We are planning to resolve the issues soon and resume filming’ he said. C. Kalyan said that the goal of the producers’ council and the producers’ guild is the same and there is no difference of opinion between the producers. Producers Prasanna Kumar, Mohan Vadlapatla, Damodaraprasad and others participated in this meeting.

Dil Raju met Manchu Vishnu

Top producer Dil Raju had a meeting with ‘Maa’ president Manchu Vishnu on Thursday morning. Manchu Vishnu asked Dil Raju to provide more opportunities to the members of ‘Ma’ in Telugu movies and to encourage newcomers to join ‘Ma’. To this extent, the petition of ‘Ma’ Welfare Committee was handed over to Dil Raju.

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