For Balayya Calsheets Rs. The producer who took 2 crores… saw Balayya’s answer and put his stick..!

Nandamuri family has a good reputation as a family of producers since before. Late senior NTR, Balayya, Harikrishna, and now junior NTR, Nandamuri Kalyanram, even if one movie is a hit, the remuneration will not be increased. The old remuneration will be retained. Otherwise, if you give 5% more, you will be told not to give. They do not like to suck the producers for higher remunerations.

Even though senior NTR had consecutive hits at that time, he used to increase the rate every now and then just by looking at the size of his market and the collections of his movies. If any producer said that they are in trouble, they would look to them. If someone wants to increase the rate, it means no brother.. Shouldn’t the children of the producers who made a film with us get married and eat a rupee… They will return with that money and make films with us? isn’t it are

Balayya, who inherited his father’s legacy as an actor, has never troubled the producers in terms of remuneration. Producers used to take as much as they said they would give. And Akhanda Balayya’s career is a blockbuster. Another hero will get a one-time remuneration increase of six crores for all the collections. But Balayya raised just Rs. 2 crores only.

He made the movie Pavithraprema with Chanti Addala Balayya, who was an art director in the past. Mutyala Subbaiah is the director of this movie. For this movie, Balayya got Rs. 60 lakhs remuneration was given. After that the industry like Samarasimha Reddy gave a hit. Immediately they went to Chanti Balayya again. Balayya said okay as soon as he asked to make a film under his banner.

But is the film being made after an industry hit like Samarasimha Reddy? Balayya Rs. He asks for 2 crores.. In his mind he thought that he would get married for Rs. 1.5 crores.. But when Balayya was gone, Rs. Did you give 60 lakhs? Give me that… if you can, another Rs. 5 It was said to give it, and it felt as if it was fainting. Immediately in his mind, he put a stick to Balayya.

Actually Chanti’s expected amount is Rs. 2 crores.. but Balayya asked if we want to make a request for 1.5 crores.. not even a crore Rs. 60 lakhs only. Balayya never likes to cheat the producers in terms of remuneration. He asks to calculate the market and revenue of his films.

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