First time Samantha Chaitanya opened up about myositis.. a reply that no one expected..!?

It is known that Tollywood star heroine Samantha is suffering from a rare disease called Present Myositis. Samantha, who has been away from social media for many years, has gone viral on social media saying that she is getting some beauty treatment in America. After a few days, there were new rumors that she had an abortion.. Not only this, but there were reports that she was suffering from a skin allergy. Samantha’s personal manager said that all this is not true.

But recently, Samantha herself said through a post that she is suffering from a disease called myositis. In this order, Tollywood, Bollywood and Kollywood movie celebrities, her best friends and well-wishers are posting on social media platforms wishing her a speedy recovery. But even her ex-husband, Naga Chaitanya has not responded in any way so far. We know that Samantha and Naga Chaitanya have a loving marriage. Divorced a year ago due to some conflicts.

In this order, the two are living as whose life is theirs. Even at such a time, people discussed that Naga Chaitanya and Samantha did not respond to the disease. According to the information received, Naga Chaitanya has already spoken to Samantha. Naga Chaitanya knew that Samantha’s health was not good. It was in this sequence that Naga Chaitanya talked to Samantha about her myositis before she told her on social media and got to know about her well-being. A news quickly went viral. Moreover, a news has gone viral on social media saying that Sam also reacted softly to Naga Chaitanya’s words. With this, Akkineni – Samantha fans are one again.

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