Film has no language

The Tamil film ‘Vendu Tanindadu Kadu’ directed by Gautham Menon starring Simbu and Siddhi Idnani is being translated into Telugu as ‘Life of Muthu’. Srisravanti Movies is releasing in Telugu on 17th of this month. On this occasion, director Gautham Menon said…’This is a film that is different from the previous romantic films that Shimbu and I have done together. A man named Muthu who lives in a small village goes to Mumbai for some reasons. How he got into the dark world there and what happened next will be interesting. Another part of Muthu’s love and romance movie.

In the end, we show how the protagonist got out of that gangster life. With the advent of OTTs, the world as well as cinema became very close. I think that cinema has no language. Even in this film some characters speak in Hindi. But the audience connects with their emotions.

I am going to do a film with hero Ram. We will take the film to the sets next year. We are making preparations for the release of the movie ‘Dhruvanakshatram’ with Vikram at the end of this year. ‘Emaya Chesave 2’ with Naga Chaitanya and ‘Gharshana 2′ with Venkatesh. If they agree, I will prepare the stories’, he said.

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