FARREY Movie | Salman Khan’s niece’s movie ‘Pharre’ which has come to OTT.. Where is the streaming?

FARREY Movie | It is known that Alizeh Agnihotri (ALIZEH), the niece of Bollywood muscle man Salman Khan, was introduced to the film industry last year. Alize Agnihotri came before the audience with the movie ‘Farray’. Directed by Soumendra Pathi, the film is slated to release on November 24, 2023. This film was not a commercial hit, but Alije’s performance got good marks. This movie has not been released in OTT even after 5 months of release. But this movie has recently come in OTT without any announcement.

The film is currently streaming on popular OTT platform G5. Sahil Mohta, Ronit Bose Roy, Prasanna and others played key roles in this suspense thriller set in the background of a school. Coming to the story of this movie, Niathi (Aleez Agnihotri) who got a seat in a big school with a scholarship helps her friends in exams for money. It is in this sequence that one accidentally gets stuck in a problem. But to know how to deal with that problem, you have to watch the movie.

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