F3 Collection: Not just laughter, F3 pouring rain of revenue .. How much was earned in three days ..

F3 Collection: ‘F3’ movie theaters are raining laughter as well as revenue. Anil Ravipudi Mark Comedy, Victory Venkatesh’s performance provided Full Meals Entertainment to the audience. Released last Friday (May 27), the film is bursting with worldwide collections. The release is bursting with positive talk everywhere. The film is set to release worldwide on Sunday night. 63.5 crores. This was officially announced by the film unit.

The fact that there is currently no film competition for F3 is one of the reasons for the increase in these movie collections. Also the F3 collections will continue to be studied as there will be no movies until next weekend. In Telugu states, Rs. 8.87 crore per share of the distributor. Overseas, F3 is heading for record collections.

Abroad so far Rs. Has collected over Rs 7 crore. And let’s see how many ‘F3’ closing collections there are this weekend. Meanwhile, the sequel to F2, the film is heading towards a huge success. Of these, Sunil and Ali were the special attraction.

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