Expand the ‘Green Challenge’ in Sri Lanka

  • Bollywood actress Rashi Prabha Sandipani

Hyderabad, October 22 (Namaste Telangana): Bollywood actress Rashi Prabha Sandipani said that she will work to expand the Green India Challenge program in Sri Lanka, where she was born. She came to Hyderabad as part of the shooting of the film and participated in the Green India Challenge on her birthday and planted plants. On this occasion, she said that if nature is understood, there will be no problems in the world. It is said that tourism has increased and lakhs of people are getting employment in Sri Lanka due to giving more priority to nature.

He said that growing plants is the only way to reduce the rising temperatures around the world. As a part of this, MP Santosh Kumar said that he is very happy to start a program called Green India Challenge and take it forward as a movement. He clarified that he has traveled to many countries of the world and met many environmentalists, but nowhere has he seen an innovative program like the Green India Challenge. Best wishes to MP Santhosh for starting such a wonderful program and planting saplings in Kotladi.

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