Everyone who rejected Mega Hero’s offer.. will laugh if they hear the reason..!?

In the film industry, the story written for one hero is done by another hero. A film planned with one heroine is also made with another heroine. But there are very few heroines who reject an offer. Even if an offer is made in a movie of heroes like Megastar, no dead heroine would give up. Someone rarely gives up. Heroine Sada has joined that list.

Sada name does not need new contacts. This beauty entered the film industry as a heroine with the film Jayam and scored a blockbuster hit in her first film.. After that, she made films in her own style in Telugu and Tamil and gained a good fan following. But due to watching some wrong stories, Sada’s career broke in the middle. But recently, Sada has been concentrating on his second innings. She concentrates on how to grow as a heroine by selecting only crazy offers.

Sada has become a hot topic on social media after rejecting the offer of a movie by Megastar in this sequence. The makers have approached Sadanu for a small role in the movie “Bhola Shankar” starring Megastar Chiranjeevi Tamannaah as the heroine under the direction of Mehr Ramesh. In a way, after singing an item song, she was approached for a ten-minute comedy character. But Sada Megastar did not want to do item songs in the movie. “If such a big star sings an item song in a movie, other stars will also see her as an item girl,” she rejected the offer. It seems that this offer has gone to Sreemukhi. Everyone is laughing at Sadanu for missing a chance in such a big star movie.

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