Every moment is bliss..!

Andala Bhama Janhvi Kapoor said that she is in love. Janhvi Kapoor has been in close contact with Orhan, the son of a prominent businessman from Mumbai, for some time now. The couple’s photos of the couple strolling on foreign trips have gone viral on social media. Janhvi Kapoor has said on many occasions that Orhan is her best friend. Those who heard the words spoken by this Bhama about Orhan in a recent interview given to a monthly magazine are deciding that the couple is in love.

Janhvi Kapoor says that Orhan is not just a friend to her, having him by her side is an unknown reassurance. She said, ‘Every moment in his presence feels blissful. I will share anything with him. Orhan is always there to help. When he is next to me, I feel safe and secure in our home’, she said. Janhvi Kapoor’s words are an indirect expression of her love and fans believe that the couple is definitely in a relationship.

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