Every child in the country should be told how much former President Kalam loved classical music

That was several months ago. Had gone to Delhi Haat with daughters. After walking for a while, she looked at the board of Kalam Memorial before coming out. former president kalam Nothing needs to be said about its popularity. The daughters immediately expressed their desire to go inside. We went inside, where there are many collectibles related to former President Kalam. In no time, the younger daughter came and asked – Papa, Kalam sir used to know music too. I said yes. This was new information for the daughter. We were in a short while in that corner, where Kalam sahib’s passion for music was known in detail.

At the same time, while roaming around, this question also came to mind that do the people of Delhi even know about such a magnificent memorial? Well, instead of prolonging this debate, I can definitely say that we must take our next generation to such historical places. Children will listen and see only then they will learn. Children are aware of all aspects of Kalam’s personality, but they must be told about this aspect too.

Know the love of music of former President Kalam

Dr. Kalam had a tremendous passion for Carnatic music. He used to play Rudraveena. One can see the Rudraveena in Dhrupad, the oldest form of Hindustani classical music. Kalam sahib had taken the training of Rudraveena from Kalyani ji. He also loved Pancharatna works. In the convocation of IIT, he said – Andro Mahanubhavulu, Me Andariki Na Vandanmulu. All the distinguished people present in the program stood up and clapped in his honor. The meaning of this line was – I humbly greet all of you great people.

Apj Abdul Kalam

Former President Apji Abdul Kalam

There is also information about favorite kirtan

An old interview of the former President is also mentioned in this memorial. In this interview he had said- Do you know which is my favorite kirtan? Mr. Raga. When the mighty king of Tanjore invited a Ram devotee like him, Swami Tyagaraja, to recite poetry in his assembly, he sang that ‘I salute all in this group who are great before God. He never said that I salute the king. That is the power of faith. That is courage.

There are pictures with many legendary classical artists

In this memorial, you will also get to see pictures of the country’s famous classical music veterans along with former President Kalam. Which further establishes his love for music. From Bharat Ratna-awarded Shehnai player Ustad Bismillah Khan to Mewati Gharana’s veteran singer Padmavibhushan Pandit Jasraj ji, there is a picture of him.

Abdul Kalam With Bismillah Khan

APJ Abdul Kalam with Bismillah Khan

Apart from this, he is also with veteran musician Padmavibhushan Illai Raja in a picture. Kalam sahib is also in a picture with the great artist of South India Padmavibhushan M Balamuralikrishna.

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