Eve..Sex in public..Venkatesh who has finally gone down like that..!?

Not to mention Daggubati’s successor Venkatesh in the Telugu film industry. Venkatesh, who has earned a reputation as a family hero by acting in his own style, is jumping forward in his own style by playing senior roles. Recently Venkatesh and Rana starrer web series Rana Naidu. This web series will be streaming on Netflix. In this order, the premiere of this series was shown on Thursday night. Celebrities also attended this premiere.

Venkatesh accidentally slipped his tongue during the premiere of the show. He said..” Rana Naidu’s web series is a dark family drama. There are many emotions in this web series. If you are watching this on your laptop or cell phone at home, the expressions on your face will change without knowing it. Cultivating comedy timing in his own style, Venkatesh changed his facial expressions when he heard sex. When Venkatesh suddenly put different expressions saying sex, everyone there laughed from side to side.

There was laughter for a while in this sequence. In this order, the words spoken by Venkatesh are becoming viral on social media. Venkatesh is not a big star hero. Daggubati fans are also on fire for playing such cheap tricks for his web series promotions. Moreover, in fact, the Netfix team has worked very hard for the web series, but everyone has acted brilliantly in this series. Venkatesh saying that this is Rana’s show and saying that he is sorry if anyone feels embarrassed is now trending as a hot topic on social media.

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