Drunk And Drive | Innovative awareness of Jaipur police with natu natu song..!

Naatu Naatu | ‘RRR’ is a prestigious film directed by Rajamouli. This film which came out last year created history. Regardless of the language, it has collected crores all over the world. It has also won many international awards. Especially the song ‘Natu Natu..’ from this film got a huge craze. This song has already won the ‘Golden Globe Awards’ which is considered very prestigious in the world film industry. Shortlisted for Oscar Award. Jaipur Police is using this song which is shaking the world innovatively.

This song is being used to create awareness among people against drunk and driving. In the song, Charan and NTR have written ‘Say NoTo NoTo NoTo NoTo Drinking while Driving’ on the picture of NTR taking steps. Jaipur Police who shared this photo.. ‘Raise the glass and say cheers as a sign of RRR film’s Golden Globe victory. But, make sure that glass is not in our car. It is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol’. Now this tweet is going viral.

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