Does that star director’s wife like Nagarjuna that much? Did you say ok to that too?

No matter how many heroes there are in the film industry, it must be said that no one else has the craze and fan following of Nagarjuna. And especially ladies.. Nagarjuna means they keep falling down and dying. It should be said that more than half of the wives of star heroes in our industry are Nagarjuna fans. They announced this themselves. Even if Nagarjuna’s movie is already released, lady fans will watch movies with interest. This Manmadhu was impressive with his performance.

But everyone knows what kind of romance Nagarjuna does with heroines on screen. Nagarjuna, who has passed the age of six, is still making boys jealous by doing romances with a style beyond that of his sons. Soon Nagarjuna is going to greet his fans with another interesting movie. In this order, people are surprised that the wife of a Tollywood star hero is such a big fan of Nagarjuna. The wife of a star director who has earned a name as one of the star directors in the Telugu industry loves Nagarjuna to death.

She said that she liked Nagarjuna from the beginning..then she grew up watching his movies..even during her school days, his movie was released, so she used to skip class and go to the cinema. The same thing came out in the interview. Not only that, Nagarjuna also told me at home that I will get married. After that she married the director and had children. By now Nagarjuna is her favorite. Nagarjuna is also impressing star wives in the industry with his own style. Anyway, Nagarjuna’s other hero has it..!!

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