Doctor Strange: Good news for ‘Doctor Strange’ lovers .. Visual wonder coming into OTT .. in Telugu too ..

Doctor Strange: It goes without saying that films from the production company Marvel Studios will have a worldwide craze. Films from this Hollywood production company have a special fan base in all countries of the world. The company has given life to many fictional characters. This is how the Doctor ‘Strange movie came from the production industry. The film, which came out in 2016, is known to have garnered worldwide acclaim. Six years later, the sequel to the film, Doctor Strange: In the Multiverses of Madness, was released.

Rs. With a budget of Rs 1500 crore, the film was released worldwide on the 6th of last month. The film has impressed movie lovers with its Rs. Satta has raised thousands of crores. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olson, Joachim Gomez and Wanda Maximoff. The film, which provided a visual treat to the audience, is now set to make a splash on the digital screen.

The movie will be streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar from June 22. The film will impress audiences in almost all the regional languages ​​of the country besides English and Telugu. With this, Dr. Strange Movie Lovers, who missed watching movies in theaters, are celebrating. We have to see what kind of wonders this movie, which has created a sensation in other theaters, creates in OTT.

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