Do you know who Hira fell in love with revenge on Ajith if he cheated on him…!

Who knows where life will take and leave. All are but actors in the strange drama of fate. Some people will reach the shore of their choice in this Jagannatak.. and some will become victims. One such fateful actress is Heera Rajagopal. Everyone robbed him. Used as needed. Throwing away her life like a useless glass doll, she washed ashore with a broken heart. She became a nun when she realized that she was searching for love like that in her life and couldn’t find it.

That does not mean that Kashaya wears saffron clothes and closes her nose and does penance. She is in America looking for peace of mind. Her film career started unexpectedly. Heera was first approached for modeling in a print magazine. She also admitted to financial independence during her studying days. After that she worked as an encyclopedia seller, coordinator for models and also in a hotel.

After that slowly opportunities in movies started coming. So she first acted in the movie Idayam. The same movie was dubbed in Telugu as Hridayam and became a huge success in all languages. After that she acted in 45 films in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada films. She acted in movies like Kaadal Kottai and Todarum with Ajith, who entered movies only then. At that time she fell in love with him. He thought it was life.

She trusted Ajith even though she was a star heroine. Being with Hira made Ajith get opportunities in some more films. But once Ajith settled down in his life, he neglected her. He fell in love with Shalini, another heroine who acted with him. Heera could not come out of that pain. After that she also became addicted to drugs. She ignored opportunities in films.

And with Ajith’s deception, she proposed to another hero who was acting with her at that time. He is none other than the hero Sarath Kumar. Heera and Sarath Kumar have released four or five movies in combination. Ajit said only one thing to him after the affair with that contact. But that relationship did not last long. Although she is in love with Sarath Kumar, her mind is filled only with Ajith.

That puts brakes on the relationship with Sarath Kumar. After that, she disappeared from the film industry in 1999. Heera has also done many films in Telugu. Yuvaratna acted in Rana movie with Yuvaratna Balayya. It was difficult to settle in America for some years. After that she dedicated her life to meditation and yoga. She is currently 50 years old and remains unmarried.

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