Do you know who are those two people who can never be forgotten in NTR’s life? Total life changed..!!

We all know the level of Jr. NTR who has gained fame as Nandamuri’s actor in the present industry. They are shaking social media by tagging them as global stars. Recently, the movie Araraar, in which he acted, received an Oscar award. Tarak, who went to America for the award function, received a warm welcome. And especially, we have been seeing such exclusive visuals on social media of what it would be like if a tiger came out of the zoo and returned to the crowd.

Even the Hollywood star is fed up with NTR’s looks.. manners.. manners. A crazy news related to NTR has gone viral on social media. In fact, until 2014, NTR was facing ups and downs in his life. Many movies flopped. Movies that were released amid huge expectations turned into disasters. But after 2014, NTR’s life took a turn. Every movie that was made became a hit as if all it took was gold.

Abhay Ram was born on July 22, 2014 to Junior NTR who married Lakshmi Pranathi on 5th May 2011. Since then his career has changed. He has given good stories and hit movies to his credit. Another child Bhargav Ram was born on 14 June 2018. Along with this, his level has changed and he is gaining recognition at pan India level. Now he has become a global star. NTR, who once started his career as a small hero, has now become a global star and is a role model for Hollywood celebrities..that is definitely the result of his hard work. Nandamuri fans are praising NTR in a range by saying Bhargav Ram – Abhay Ram, NTR’s life has completely turned around in this way..!!!

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