Do you know the movie where Chiranjeevi – Sridevi’s ego was stopped… !

No matter how much is said about Sridevi, the beautiful beauty of the world, little is said. Telugu movie lovers and Telugu movie makers have brought an unstoppable craze for Sridevi. In the 1980s, Sridevi was a favorite of Telugu movie lovers. If Sridevi is in a movie, then the movie will be a super hit. There are many cases where even the star heroes recommended Sridevi to be in their films and put pressure on the directors. NTR – ANNR – Superstar Krishna, Chandramohan, Krishnamraju, who were the star heroes at that time, played super hits with Sridevi.

After that, Sridevi was also paired next to Chiranjeevi – Nagarjuna – Venkatesh who were the heroes of the next generation. The title of Athilokasundari of Andhras has settled for Sridevi. Ever since Sridevi entered Bollywood, she has never looked back. She has become a national heroine. All the Bollywood movie lovers have gone crazy for Sridevi’s beauty. After entering Bollywood, Sridevi did not show much interest in acting in southern films.

Whether she is a well-known hero or not, she has not shown any interest in acting in Telugu and Tamil films except that she has acted in the films of the directors and producers she wants, and has received more remuneration. After Sridevi became a star heroine in Bollywood, she had an ego problem while doing a film with Megastar Chiranjeevi. This is Sridevi’s own film. He decided to make a film directed by Kodandarami Reddy under the banner of Srilatha Movies with his mother as the producer.

Chiranjeevi is the hero in this movie..! When Sridevi asked to do a film under her own banner, Chiru immediately said OK. Yandamuri Virendranath provided the story for this movie. Before that, Chiru Sridevi’s combo of Mosagadu and Ranikasula Rangamma came out. But even before the shooting of this film started, both Chiru and Sridevi were gone. Writer Yandamuri told 20 stories. If Sridevi objected that the hero’s role was dominating in one story, they would object that the heroine’s role was dominating in another story.

Even after listening to 20 stories, Chiru and Sridevi did not finalize the story. Since Sridevi is a producer, she repeatedly pressured the director Kodanda Ramireddy to make her role bigger. The title of this movie is Vajraladonga. A song was also shot. Bappilahari is the music director. After this movie stopped in the middle, everyone thought that Chiru and Sridevi will not act together again. But the leader of Vyjayanthi Ashwaneedhat convinced them and made the movie Jagadekaveeru Athilokasundari which became a blockbuster.

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