Do you know the age gap between Varun Sandesh and Vithika? This is the twist in their love marriage..!

Hero Varun Sandesh- Vithika Sheru Jodi is one of the cute couples in Tollywood industry. Varun Sandesh got a crazy craze among the youth after the movie “Kotta Bangaralokam”. After that, he fell behind in the race with a series of crashes. He fell in love with the heroine Vithika Sheru who met with him and got married. Later, this cute couple entered the Bigg Boss show and their craze increased even more.

Varun Sandesh – Vithika became a romantic couple in Bigg Boss season 3. It must be said that this show is a plus for Varun Sandesh’s career. And Varun Sandesh fell in love with Vithika and married her as she stood by him in success and failure. The age gap between Varun Sandesh and Vithika is six years. Varun became very disappointed as some films that he thought would be a hit in his career flopped.

After that he also wanted to go to the US and get a job there. At the same time, he said that his acquaintance with Vithika turned his career around. And Vithika is also an interior designer. Both of them acted together in the movie ‘Paddanandi Premolo Mari’. According to the title of the movie, they really fell in love.

Vithikadi is Bhimavaram of West Godavari district of AP. Theirs is a family settled in Hyderabad. Vithika belongs to a normal middle class family. But Varun Sandesh was attracted to her because of her helping nature. However, Varun’s parents liked Vithika’s mentality and agreed to their marriage. Varun Sandesh said this on one occasion.

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