Do you know that the heroine’s mother made her the heroine next to Sr. NTR…!

In the 1978s, along with heroines like Jayaprada, Jayasudha, Sridevi and Vijayashanti, Jayachitra also became a popular heroine. Jayaprada, Jayasudha and Sridevi are not all names but Jaya Chitra has also done very good films. Their hometown is Kakinada in East Godavari district. Jayachitra was born in 1957. Her father Mahendra is a veterinary doctor. Her mother Ammaji
Their family moved to Chennai due to their father’s job.

Jayachitra was born there and grew up as Rohini. Jayachitra grew up under her care while her parents were busy with work. Encouraged by her mother, Jayachitra acted as a child actress in the Telugu film Bhakta Potana at the age of six. Jayachitra’s mother’s name is Ammaji. She also had another name as Akkama Jayashree. She has acted in Tamil as well as Telugu films.

Jayachitra’s mother Ammaji acted in the Tamil movie Mahaveeran. It was opened in 1955.
He also acted in Telugu movies like Days Changed and Daivabalam. He has also done films with senior NTR. Those who are in this generation actually know less about Jayachitra. Like this, no one may know that Jaya Chitra’s mother acted as a heroine alongside senior NTR.

Jaya Chitra is not only a heroine but also a good director. She acted as the heroine in a Tamil movie that came out in 1991 and also worked as a producer and director. But unfortunately this movie was a flop. After that, in 2010, she introduced her son Amresh Ganesh as a hero in a Tamil movie and she acted as a producer and director.

Jayachitra tried so hard to make her son Amresh a hero in Kollywood but all failed. And in Telugu too, she acted in many key roles as mother and elder sister of senior heroes. Fans of 1990s movies know Jaya Chitra very well.

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